Zendidi Fortress is located on a high hill in the village of Zendidi of Keda municipality. The exact date of its construction is unknown. For close economic and trade relationship the Adjaristskali and Chorokhi basin had a great importance. In the 7th-9th centuries Batumi-Artanuji trade road passed Keda. According to Vakhushti Bagrationi an important person (Begi) lived in Keda and it needed adequate protection. Zendidi Fortress served as a protection place for Keda and Batumi-Artanuji trade road with Begoshvilebi, Tsivasula, Saghoreti, Mtis Ubani, Chkhutuneti fortresses.The monument has reached us in a strongly destroyed way. Its total length is 50m. The thickness of the wall is 110-130 cm.