Chairman of the Board - Roman Davitadze, Deputy Chairman of Keda City Council;

Deputy Chairperson of the Council - Tea Sharashidze, First Category Senior Specialist of Keda Municipality in Gender Equality Issues;

Secretary of the Council - Magda Makharadze, Second Category Senior Specialist of Keda Municipality in Sports and Youth issues;

Member of the Council - Mzia Bolkvadze, deputy chairperson of Keda City Council from the faction "Georgian Dream - Mretsvelebi";

Board Member - Otar Kharadze, Chairman of Social Issues Commission of Keda Municipality;

Member of the Council - Hamida Zoidze, Head of the Management and Organizational Division;

Member of the Council - Zaza Davitadze, first category chief specialist of Keda City Council in Legal and Human Resources Management issues;

Member of the Council - Indira Gorgadze, second category senior specialist of Keda municipality in the relations with the society and the representatives of mayor;

Board Member - Tina Tebidze, Head of Keda Department of Employment Agency of Adjara Autonomous Republic;

Board Member - Madona Phalavandishvili, Adult Education Center of Keda

N34 Order Decree of Chairperson of Keda City Council, March 15, 2012

Determination of Personal Composition of Gender Equality Council of Keda Municipality