The municipality of Keda is situated along the river Adjaristskali in the middle part of it. The municipality of Kobuleti borders the Keda region to the north with 38 kilometers in length. The municipality of Shuakhevi borders the Keda region to the east with 24 kilometers in length. The municipality of Khelvachauri borders the Keda region to the west with 24 kilometers in length and the municipality of Keda is surrounded by Turkey to the west with 17 kilometers in length. Shavsheti Range lies to the south of Keda, Meskheti Range borders our municipality to the north-eastern part and Kobuleti Range lies to the north and north- western part of Keda. The total area of ​​the municipality is 452 sq. km. Number of population is 16760. There are 64 villages in the municipality of Keda. It is divided into 10 administrative units. The main town in the municipality is Keda which is located at 200 meters above sea level. The highest peak is the Kanli (2987 meters).

Along the river Adjaristskali there is a Mediterranean Sea type subtropical climate. As the height increases, the climate becomes humid. There are mainly mountainous and mountainous meadow types of soil in the municipality area. The municipality is rich and diverse in plants.

A rich and diverse plants cover the municipality. There are mainly deciduous and small amount of coniferous trees in Keda. The wildlife is diverse. Main areas of agriculture are fruits, viticulture, plant growing, horticulture, beekeeping. The trout farms are also developed (villages Oktomberi, Agara, Tsoniarisi, Tskhmorisi).

Keda is distinguished with unique varieties of grapes. The wines produced in the district are "Tsolikouri" and "Chkhaveri". There are family wine cellars in some villages (Nodar Shervashidze – village of Pirveli Maisi, Lado Shavishvili- village of Vaio, Nuri Sirabidze –village of Gegelidzeebi).

The municipality is rich in various natural fossils - copper and gold deposits (village Merisi, village Vaio). “Kokotauri” and “Gundauri” are popular mineral waters from Keda. "Kokotauri" got an international certificate.

The monuments of material culture are distinguished from historical heritage:

  • Surveillance towers - Kaviani, Gulebi, Dzentsmani, Saghoreti, Tsivasula.
  • Stone arch bridges - Makhuntseti, Pirveli Maisi, Tsoniarisi, Dandalo.
  • Castles – Zendidi, Tsivasula.

In the valleys of the river Adjaristskali and mountain rivers you can see different examples of flora and fauna as well as visit beautiful waterfalls.

Ethnographical and historical materials are collected in the Museum of History in Keda.