Mamuka Phartenadze

Date of birth: April 2, 1977, In Keda


In 1999 he graduated from Tbilisi Iv. Javakhishvili State University - Lawyer by profession;


2013-2017 - held the position of First Deputy Gamgebeli of Keda Municipality;

2009-2010 - was the Kvemo Kartli Regional Coordinator of East Water Ltd;

2007-2008 - Worked as a lawyer for JSC "United State Distribution Energy Company of Georgia";

2004-2006 - Chief Specialist of the Legal Service of the Regional Customs "West";

1999 -2004 - Worked as an assistant judge in the Keda District Court.

Achievements: Has passed the qualification exams for the Prosecutor's Office (2003) and the Bar (2013).

Maritual Status: He has a wife and two children.

Contact Information:


Phone: 595 084 331